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"Safety on the roads, safety first".

Fines and speeding fines are there above all for our safety. We take responsibility for ensuring safety for all on the roads by recovering fines and speeding fines.

3+ offices

We operate in a number of countries

10 years' experience

In the collection of funds

Total service

We take care of debt collection, reminders and legal proceedings

Customer satisfaction

We contribute to local authorities' safety budgets

About us

We Ensure Safety For All

Roads are the neuralgic network of any place. Used for tourism, industry and everyday life, it's important to keep them safe for everyone!

Our services

Collections, follow-up, reminders & legal proceedings

We make sure that traffic and speeding fines are paid.

We take care of the entire collection process, from the first invoice to debt collection.

Our customers

We help local authorities

We contribute to your local authority's safety budget through fast, efficient collection.

Tailor-made solutions

Quick and easy

As a local authority, you send us your fines. We then take care of tracing and forwarding the invoices, following them up and ensuring that they are paid.


The importance of road safety

Ensure the safety of your citizens

Ensuring the payment of fines helps to improve road safety and the overall safety of your community.

Lives saved

Enforcing compliance with the law helps reduce the number of road accident victims


Compliance with the law improves traffic flow


The payment of fines enables the financing of numerous community projects


Improved road safety ensures the peaceful development of your residents


Secure data

All data is secure and encrypted. After payment, we destroy the data after one year.

Your data is our priority

We guarantee complete confidentiality


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